A Brief Backstory

I’m Andrea Parker and I’ve got a unique story just like everyone else, but from this day forward I plan on publishing parts of it to the internet, just like 3/4 of everyone else.

In all reality, I’m a professional runner who bleeds Maize and Blue, can’t get enough of the local library, drinks more tea in one day than most do in a year, and misses her friends and family but doesn’t hesitate to let them know how lovely it was here in AZ today.

2 Responses to A Brief Backstory

  1. DarNeezy Fo'Sheezy says:

    Why am I just now finding out about this??????

    You are missed all the way in the same time zone, bin Laden got, got!

  2. Curt says:

    Love the backstory…glad to hear you are doing well, albeit in a better climate than I. Cheers & as always, Go Blue!!

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