Oh. My. InfusionCon.

Andrea Parker Shoes

June and I braving it through day 2 of InfusionCon

I am the victim of a giant thrusting of neon green upon my body. Day 2 of my company’s gigantic user conference at the Kierland Westin in Scottsdale is upon us and I’m riding high on an absurd amount of caffeine and customer enthusiasm. “I LOVE INFUSIONSOFT!” “AUTOMATION IS AMAZING!!” “INFUSIONSOFT TRIPLES MY BUSINESS!” No, I’m not yelling. Seriously, people are all up in my business about expressing their love for my company’s product, which is, you know, pretty awesome.  It does, however, mean that I am running around to organize on-camera interviews, bullet point virtually every speaker’s presentation, take photos of speaking engagements and mingle with co-workers and customers.  My team- the content team- is doing a killer job gathering things to write about on the Big Ideas Blog for months to come. I’m the managing editor, so all of this good stuff goes past my critical eye and gets worked over on the back end with all things keywords, images, outbound links and SEO.  It’s a lot of work, but to fully immerse myself in this world for three straight days and come out with a lot of quality material is definitely worth it.  June and I are a team (best dream team ever? Maybe :- ); she does the on-camera interviews with keynote speakers, Big Ideas-themed speakers and our customers, and for my tasks, well, see above.

Andrea Parker Joe Manna Shoes

I knew I kept these flats for a reason!

We got these extremely loud neon shirts so all attendees know who they can turn to to ask all of their marketing automation, restroom location and refreshment refresh time questions. They also serve as a source of amusement because they’re all somewhat awkward fitting, but they gave me and my co-worker, Joe, a chance to whip out our neon shoes to coordinate.  Outstanding.

We have a contest called “The Ultimate Marketer” with 3 finalists who get profiled and featured pretty heavily in our company’s marketing efforts in the upcoming year, as well as have an entire e-book written about them (enter: me) and they get voted on by InfusionCon attendees. This is awesome for everyone, but me.  Why? you ask. Well, I basically have 48 hours to interview them, gather sales data, examples of their marketing materials and write the copy for an entire e-book after 3 of the most busy and stressful days I’ve experienced in my Infusionsoft tenure, not to mention it’s over the Easter holiday weekend.  I’m not too worried about it because I will get it done and it will be done well, but it just means A LOT of focus over the next few days. That’s kind of hard because Jeremy just returned from a 2-week trip with the Men’s National Soccer Team and I would like to spend a little QT with him. As always, one must rock a solid work/balance life.

Daymond John Infusiocon

These lady sharks could have eaten Daymond John alive!

Oh, one last thing. Do you like “Shark Tank”? Well, I got the pleasure of listening to Daymond John speak and then facilitate his interview afterwards.  He’s a decent guy with a lot of confidence and he loves the ladies. Madison was thrilled when his assistant, Cliff (nice guy, well dressed) told DJ that he’d be taking a photo with the lady team to his left. DJ fixed his jacket and straightened his tie, all with a very broad smile because, well, he loves the ladies of the Content Team! Observation of the day: he’s a small dude.  Just check out this picture of my team with him and keep in mind that I’m 5’7 and wearing low-profile racing flats, not my standard 4″ heels.

Time for a little more writing, but of the e-book variety. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to finish the rest of the chocolate bunnies, not just the ears!

Oh, and by the way, I had the pleasure of guest blogging again for treadmill.com. Check out a detailed history of the steeplechase!


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