Get Your Stretch On (but not for so long!)

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My week’s been a hot mess of writing, editing and managing… and letting my laptop and full, loosely capped, travel cup of water mingle a little too closely.  Despite the whole “let the screen dry out, hope the damage isn’t permanent and hope I don’t have to tell my superior” thing, I’ve been loving how much has been happening!  I’ve had some great runs with my bestie, Julie (we’ve got a 17 miler lined up for tomorrow- her 17, me more like a lucky 13 miles.  What? I’m not training for a marathon!), fabulous meals with my parents, who are in town for about two weeks, and the return of my forever-traveling guy.  I found a few minutes to squeak in a guest blog on the supposed necessity of stretching before and after runs.  Why do I use the word “supposedly”? Because you may have been doing your warmup all wrong since you were a kid.  Really.

parkersplash glute

Grab your right knee while your left knee is bent, then straighten the leg while paying special attention to squeezing that left glute.

Until 2009, I let myself carry on with the understanding that you must stretch before runs in order to get muscles prepared for the work ahead, but I was apparently misinformed as a 4 year old T-ball ingenue.

You may have heard the term “dynamic warmup” thrown around in reference to the warmups that elite runners, as well as other professional athletes, choose to engage in. It’s not really a new thing, but it’s finally getting some attention as the alternative to pre-activity stretching since it doesn’t involve overextending cold muscles; it’s more of a gentle wake up to key muscles groups that allow them to properly prepare for the activity ahead.  While I could go on for a while about this, get the lowdown and shift your perspective on your activity preparation. Your muscles will be all over this!

parkersplash steeple

You’re not doing this without a good dynamic warmup!


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