It turns out I run something of a hotel for runners out of my place and I kind of like it!  I’ve had long-term guests, overnight guests and week-long guests and most of them have been runners who were in town to see the magician, John Ball, to fix their running ailments.  It’s always interesting to get other people’s perspectives on a variety of things or to witness habits and tendencies, but mostly I really enjoy making new friends in the running community because we’re a small little circle, so it’s nice to be able to go to a meet and say hi to more than one or two people.

As I may have implied earlier, I had a bit of a hiccup with my left foot, my calcaneus to be exact, and had to keep almost all of my weight off of that foot when I was not actually running a track workout.  As you may imagine, my life quickly flooded with marathon Alter G sessions (one long run where I seran wrapped my laptop to the monitor so I could watch “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Mad Men” to pass the time) and a whole lot of biking in order to maintain my fitness.  Therein lies (laid?)  the problem.  I maintained fitness instead of improving it and had a race at the High Performance Meet at Occidental College in LA last weekend that reinforced that fact to me.  While my head was fully engaged in the race- a departure from my first steeple at Payton Jordan- and my instincts were to stay out of trouble near the front of the pack, I simply ran out of gas with about 3 laps to go.  Yeah, it was disappointing, but I showed up to the meet hotel in a walking boot to be nice to my heel; clearly I was not at my best.

Today, Saturday, marks the day that I get out of that clunky thing and can start motoring around town in matching footwear once again.  Very exciting, but also a little scary.  I want to make sure I am treating my foot right and doing as much for it as I can when I am not running.  I have a 30-40 minute run this morning in a cool 70 degrees (that’s practically hoodie weather after the 103+ degree weather we’ve been having) that I hope will help to reinforce what my team has told me: you’re ready.  I race in Portland on June 9th and I am looking for a “third time’s the charm” kind of situation where all of my stepped up training will pay off.  I’m focused, getting more prepared every day, seeing the people I need to see, and have nothing short of crazy desire to hit my standard.  I don’t necessarily believe that if you want something bad enough, you’ll get it because that seems reckless, like you’re simply leaving things up to fate.  I believe in preparation, a method.  I believe that with the right amount of work, heart, desire and a little bit of luck, you have the ability to make your wildest aspirations a reality.

Now I gotta get off my couch and get to the Greenbelt for my run.  Happy Memorial Day weekend, y’all!


Here’s day 1 with the boot. Don’t even ask why I’m smiling.



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I'm a Wolverine transplant in AZ
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