Immediate popsicle melting weather is upon us in AZ

It’s hot.  Damn hot.  Real hot.  And it’s only going to get hotter.  “How exciting!” says the runner in me with a strong insinuation of sarcasm.  I was up before 6am this morning so I could get to the track before things really started heating up, and even then it was almost 90 when I started my workout.  I saw my friend, Ryan, also a Michigan native, at the track and asked him how he was ever able to get used to the heat.  He didn’t really have a good answer for me, other than you have to shift the times that you workout and head out for runs.  Fair enough, but it gets so hot in AZ in the summer that it never truly cools down at night and in the early morning.  I sense some uncomfortable workouts and perhaps a lot of treadmill time this summer to escape the heat, but with the right amount of focus, hydration, preparation and sweat towels around, I think I’ll be able to do this.  Man, I can’t wait for even more extreme sports bra tan lines…

This might seem hot, but not too bad, except for the fact that it’s the forecast for MAY 16. Not August 16.


PS- it was 108 degrees in my car tonight at 6:40. Ugh.


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I'm a Wolverine transplant in AZ
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