Being a horse, but with a cute outfit

Hey all-

So I talk about the steeplechase a lot because it’s my signature event, but some of you may still be in the dark as to what I actually do.  When I explain the event to a layperson, I often ask, “Have you ever seen the horse race where they jump over barriers and water?”  Usually people can understand that but then think I’m an equestrienne, which is actually the opposite of what I do; I’m the horse jumping over those barriers and water on a track.  Basically the event breaks down to this:

-The race is 3,000 meters (200m shy of two miles)

-I have to jump over a 30″ immobile barrier every 80 meters

-I have a 12′ long water jump that I have to almost completely clear (I only get one foot wet) each lap.

What I like about this race is that every 80 meters, I am facing a new race, which helps to break up the monotony of some distance races.  I started steepling as a junior at the University of Michigan and have been loving it ever since.  I did my first water jumps of the year today and got them on video.  Though they’re not my best, I thought I’d show you what a water jump looks like.  I should be staying lower while pushing off the water barrier, but I’m lucky to have long legs, so even though I popped up, I still get pretty far in the pit.  Check it.

I race tonight at 6:22pm Pacific time and what’s completely awesome is that Flotrack is doing a live feed of this high performance meet, so you can watch my race.  I’m in the second section of the women’s steeple and will be shooting for my Olympic Trials “A” standard of 9:55.

Allie Kieffer, who is running the 10k tonight and also shooting for her Olympic Trials “A” standard (32:45), has been one of my travel buddies for the meet so we thought it only appropriate to get a track photo:

Allie and me, the giant

Doing some hurdle drills to warm up

Getting over some back-and-forth barriers


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