Brewing Marvelous Iced Tea

Making the perfect cup of iced tea at home is easier than you think.  Many people associate iced tea with a big glass of brownish liquid that vaguely resembles tea, but I’ll assure you, with the proper tea and brewing instructions, your own iced tea will blow any restaurant’s out of the water.  Promise.  Check out the instructions below to get started on a refreshing, healthy summer bevvy:

1.)    Select your loose leaf tea.  “Where are the tea bags?” you ask.  Tea bags make terrible tea, I say.  What you actually get in a tea bag is tea dust, so you can imagine the difference in flavor between a tea bag and whole, loose leaf tea.  Tremendous!  You’ll never go back!


2.)  Scoop 3 heaping teaspoons of tea into your brewing mechanism.  Here I am using Adagio’s ingenuiTEA tea maker.  It’s God’s gift to loose tea lovas.


3.)    Fill your brewing container with ½ the amount of hot water you would normally use for a cup of hot tea.  Here I use about 12 oz of hot water to make 24 oz of iced tea.


4.)  Let your tea steep for the recommended amount of time:

 2-3 minutes for whites and greens

3-4 minutes for blacks and oolongs

5-7 minutes for rooibos and herbals


5.)  Fill your cup completely with ice. 


6.)    Pour your perfectly brewed tea over ice. This will not only cool the hot tea as it flows over these mini glaciers, but the melting ice will serve as the missing water from your brewed tea.  This technique also allows the tea to maintain strength and flavor.  No dilution here!


7.)    Top off your tea with more ice… because freezing cold iced tea is awesome.


8.)    Enjoy, my friends.  Never has such a simple procedure been so rewarding.


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I'm a Wolverine transplant in AZ
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