Year of the Parkersplash (and her exploits)

So much has been happening in my long absence from the internets: a holiday season, resuming full-time training (healthy!), an attempt at being more active on Twitter, reading some fab books, joining a boxing gym, tutoring like whoa and moving into a new place.  Very exciting, minorly hectic.

I hosted my friend, Julie, for almost 6 weeks of what we referred to as her “warm weather training camp,” as she’s from New Jersey and, well, the weather there isn’t quite as agreeable in the winter months as it is here in Scottsdale.  Although, she was sent bi-daily texts from various members of her training group letting her know what a mild winter they are having.  The cruel irony?  As soon as she left, the temperatures in NJ dropped substantially.  Bummuh.

Julie and I made the rounds of AZ with stops by many a happy hour in Old Town, running a bunch with Molly and McGregor, visiting John Ball for some painful, yet effective, chiro/ART/shock wave treatment, catching the Men’s National Soccer Team’s game against Venezuela, making some fantastic meals, lifting weights with a facet of society with whom we might never mingle had we not ventured into Club SAR amidst their 7pm boxing training class and meat-head fest in the free weights area, drinking copious amounts of coffee and tea (Julie desperately trying to curb her coffee addiction, me, encouraging the tea consumption), kicking our own behinds with our training and runs, as well as enjoying many hours on the super comfy couch, specifically in the corner, which is also known as “The Vortex.”

It’s been great having a live-in training partner, though our schedules did differ a bit, so we didn’t share as many runs as we would have liked, but Julie is primarily a 5k runner and I jump over things in a shorter distance so that was to be expected.  I am working on my build-up for the 2012 outdoor season, specifically for the Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR in the 3,000m steeplechase at the end of June.  I have a new coach with whom I’ve been working and he is treating me very carefully, considering my injury-laden history, which I appreciate.  I’m starting the ramping up phase of training so I have an adequate base to work off of in beginning my event-specific training.  After a late start last outdoor season due to injury, I am hoping to be timely, healthy and strong from the beginning with improvements each race.  When I finalize my competition schedule, I’ll post it, in the event you’d like to come out and watch & cheer if you’re local.  Who doesn’t love that kind of support?  🙂

Something cool I’ve been dabbling with is decorating my new place, though it can be overwhelming and is turning out to be a somewhat slow process.  No biggie. I’m not in a huge rush to finalize every detail, though I am focusing on getting my bedroom towards a Zen-like haven in order to get some awesome sleep.  I focused on more natural colors and kind of a nature theme.  I got this fab duvet set from Crate and Barrel- after stalking it for some time- and am super pumped about it and my magically soft sheets beneath.  I had seen this great pebble rug online and had to order it, despite not having a great idea as to where it would end up, but I find that it peeks out from under my bed perfectly, so there’s a win (check out the photo for how it looks).  I have something of a quirky side, which tends to show up in things like a pirate’s chest-inspired nightstand, as well as a rhino head from Z Gallerie.  I mean, what room is complete without a faux taxidermy animal head?  Answer?  None.  To spice up the wall behind my bed without drilling holes in the wall, I opted to go with a wall decal that looks like this and will continue my nature-ish theme.  It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m looking forward to putting it up, unless it turns out to be a hot mess, which you’ll likely hear about.

I have to run before I meet one of my students to provide him with enlightenment of the 12th grade English variety so I hope you all enjoy the rest of this wonderful Valentine’s Week!

Rug and nightstand action.  Arrrrr!



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  1. Joe says:

    The 3000! Do it!

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