Just riding the rollercoaster!

So I’m running along the canal yesterday just kind of zoning out, as one is wont to do at times when (running) things are going relatively well, and I suddenly come to and realize that I just zoned out.  Running things are going relatively well.  I’m not thinking about every step and evaluating a discomfort level.  WIN!

I’ve been getting a boatload of treatment on my adductors, high hammys and hip areas in recent weeks and though the treatment, usually ART, is extremely painful at times, it seems to be working.  I’m seeing Dr. John Ball, who also incorporates shockwave therapy, and I’ve been able to increase the time I’m running by 5 minutes almost every day for the past week and a half.  It’s a huge step in the right direction after I had an effective cortisone injection in my iliopsoas but started running and flared up that old adductor injury I’ve been handling since 2009.  The flare-up led to much cross training without gusto and enjoying myself a small pity party on a tri-daily basis.

Sidenote: the mind of a runner is truly a confusing web of confidence and self-doubt and, depending on the day of training that you’ve had, one of those things is likely to surface over the other.

Needless to say, I’ve really been struggling mentally, as the adductor situation never really seems to want to disappear and it’s wearing my go-get-it-ness thin, so my run this morning gave me a feeling of calm that I haven’t had in quite some time.

Something that happened that was the opposite of calming?  I’m exiting the freeway the other night and suddenly, in my lane of the off ramp, I see a beam of steel that I have absolutely NO prayer of avoiding.  KA-CHUNK! I drive over the beam I couldn’t avoid and instantly the Mazda is yelling at me and flashing dashboard lights that one should only ever see upon starting the car and I realize that I have just flattened my rear tires.  Awesome.

I manage to get home (I mean, who wants to be stuck in a dark parking lot at 11:45pm waiting for a tow truck that will only be required to return to my abode in the morning to transport my car off at the tire store?) and inspect the damage as best I can in the dark knowing tomorrow will be full of fun auto-related monetary surprises.  Fast forward 14 hours and I’ve called AAA (Best $40 you can spend in a year!), had my car towed to the tire store by a lovely non-creepy older gentleman, had my rear tires replaced with comparable tires to my 4-month-old little guys and talk Michigan basketball with the guy ringing me up, which somehow brings my total down by forty bucks.

Isn’t it funny how rare it is that you have something not so great happen in your life without something pretty great to balance it out and vice versa?  It seems like that’s the way things have always happened for me, so in true clichéd fashion, I’ve truly learned to take the ups with the downs.  If you always function on an even keel, how will anything ever be exciting and worth a celebration?  Just doing my part to keep it lively!

PS- How in the heck did my Phoenix Weather page just switch into French but with Fahrenheit?

PPS- I totally forgot to mention that my trip to Knoxville was pretty great; Tennessee and SEC football is certainly something to behold, what with all of the orange and white striped/gingham checked button up shirts, “T” embroidered khakis, ties of varying preppy patterns, croakies, every-shade-of-orange sundress replete with cowboy boots, etc.  I mean, you name it, I saw it worn, rocked and owned by the good fans of the University of Tennessee.  Oh, right, the game.  Well, Tennessee got smashed by LSU but it was still a good time tailgating and attending my first SEC football game.  Great seats, great weather, great people.  My shining moment actually came at a dark moment for U-M football (a loss to MSU) when I commandeered the next door tailgate’s flatscreen to watch my game over another SEC conference game that was on at the same time.  I had a group of about 6 or 7 people posted up in tailgate chairs watching my boys play a pretty crappy game, and they really didn’t seem to mind, as they were throwing me score updates as I left to refill on snacks and beverages.  In fact, I’d hazard a guess and say that they even liked it.  I sense the power of the Block M was behind me that day, because even I was impressed with my ability to get my game on not only for score updates, but actual full quarters in the land of SEC football.  Go Blue!

Notice my shirt. Loyalties don’t change.


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  1. Shalina says:

    I’m loving that shirt. Go Blue!

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