Take it from the top!

Not quite at the top

It’s not even 12:30 and I feel like I’ve been up for the duration of a normal day.  Ah, the benefits of rising before the sun.  I got up at 5:15 this morning and headed over to Camelback Mountain where the sun’s light was merely a faint line along the horizon and took to the trail- or lack thereof- by the light of an iPhone flashlight app.  The climb up was treacherous at times and loose gravel makes me nervous, but busting out in a good sweat (not on the elliptical) always makes me a happy girl.  On the way down I was pleased with the decision to get up so early because even though it wasn’t all that hot yet, it was nice to be almost isolated on the mountain instead of being stuck behind slow moving, sleeper-inners who won’t let you play through to the next rock.

Side note: I’m currently out of commission and in PT for a strained hip flexor and small tear in my gluteus minimus after a slip and fall accident over a month ago.  I’ve been cross training like a fiend and actually got to take my first Alter G-aided steps yesterday after some soft tissue work and PT at Athletes’ Performance in Phoenix.  Things are not yet 100% due to some weaknesses and stubborn glutes, but I’m training these things to get stronger and fire properly because I need all the help I can get in getting these legs running as fast as they can as soon as possible!

The Valley is in for a chill in the coming days (Below 90- yikes!  Make use of your typically decorative throw blankets and UGGs!), which indicates the arrival of Arizona’s version of fall.  I left Michigan (a flawless road trip in my zoom zoom, who got a couple of 400+ mile tanks, thankyouverymuch 🙂 when the weather was still warm and it was slightly awkward to go to the cider mill, but I have to express how much I miss witnessing the changing colors of fall.

From the top of Camelback this morning, I was a little surprised to see all of the green across the valley and wondered why the Arizonians couldn’t plant trees that change colors.  It was then that I remembered the seasonal reversal of the population of this area: people leave in the hot-as-Hades summers (me included) and come in for the ever so agreeable fall and winter weather, so deciduous trees are not conducive to a pleasing aesthetic in those months.  Fine, fine.  I can be on board with that but it most certainly does not mean I’ll give up rockin’ my pashminas and suede winter heels, especially on my birthday, which is in less than a week.  A deep freeze of 60 degrees or less in my honor would be outstanding, but I know that would limit attendance at my birthday celebration…  Enjoy that crisp fall air, golf course tailgates, delicious cinnamon spice doughnuts and cider, but not necessarily in that order.

This bad boy’s not my video, but I’m sure you don’t mind some context of where I was while you may still have been under the covers:

(Thanks, Steve Douglas!)


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