If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.

Greetings from a restaurant named “The White Spot” (giggle) on the campus of the University of British Columbia!  I find myself here because I am racing a 1,500m tonight in the UBC Pre-Jerome meet, which will be followed by a 1,500m at the Victoria International Track Classic on Sunday.  Yesterday was quite a travel day with a morning wake-up call of 5:45am for my 7:45 flight out of Detroit through Phoenix and on to Vancouver, then a stint on the train and a bus ride to campus, which put me a solid walking-with-luggage mile away from where I am staying.  Yeah, a little grueling, but at least I gained 3 hours, though, as evidenced by my aloofness this morning at Tim Horton’s (where else?), I have no idea what time of day or day of the week it is anyway.  (At this point I’m merely functioning by a series of tally marks and points on a map as to which races I’ve completed and in which city.)

Exhibit A: I rolled up to the counter after having checked to see if The White Spot (giggle) was open for breakfast and saw a sign posted in the window that they are closed on Friday for Canada Day (July 1).  Well, crap.  I don’t eat anything Tim Horton’s offers so I decide to grab some coffee, read for a bit and weigh my culinary options.  I ask the lady at the counter if she has any recommendations for a good place to grab a bite around here since The White Spot (giggle) is closed for Canada Day.  This normally good-natured, petite woman gives me an excessively discerning and judgmental look (My appearance or accent must scream, “I’m American!  This makes me an ignorant, self-entitled jerk!”) and says- with a sprinkling of condescension- “It’s not Canada Day.  That’s Friday.  The restaurant opens for lunch at 11.”  I do a mental calendar check and realize that I am a fool and it is, in fact, not Friday, which makes it not Canada Day, which means the restaurant will be open, which means I’m a moron for totally overlooking the posted hours and I will be able to dine there in a matter of 35 minutes.  Well done, Andrea.  You make your country proud.

Circling back to things on the running front, I’ve been feeling pretty good with my preparations for my limited summer racing schedule and have really made an effort to re-focus and re-center after the whole missing the US “A” standard by less than 1.5 seconds debacle.  It certainly hasn’t been easy for me- in fact it was one of the more difficult things I’ve dealt with in my running career- but how are you going to achieve great things in the future if you’re too busy looking behind you?  Full steam ahead, people!  Workouts have been quick, I’m settling into more of a routine while in MI and… I got a new car!

My beloved Mazda 626 bit the dust in the final weeks of my time in Arizona, which was oddly good timing since I would have had to store my vehicle, so I needed to find its replacement upon my return to The Mitten.  After stalking the new Mazda3s for a solid 3 years, I decided to bite the bullet and make one mine.  If any of you know my good friend Erica, you know that she rocks the graphite Mazda3 with black interior… and now I do, too. Ha!  Glad she loves that we’re car twins because I think it’s a great car and kind of have a crush on that P.Y.T. (RIP MJ)

Me and my guy loving on my new zoom-zoom

I picked up my new girl Tuesday and promptly drove her 12 miles to Trader Joe’s then home and parked her in my driveway, where she sits, fully insured, for two weeks while I dash about North America.  It hasn’t fully set in that the car is mine just yet and I’m really looking forward to getting used to driving it, so be sure to holla at ya girl as she zoom-zooms by!

Friends, I’ll keep you updated as to my current whereabouts and upcoming races, but for the now, enjoy these photos of recent events:

A little water jump action early on in Indy

Gettin after it… though it appears that I grossly underestimated the length of my legs, as I have given myself more clearance over this barrier than I could ever need.

PS- “Ice, Ice Baby” just came on.  Point, The White Spot (giggle)


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