When everything is out, you gotta take it in

As I sit here in between projects, I can’t help but feel compelled to start a blog entry that’s been formulating in my head for a while. I’ve recently undergone quite a series of life changes, as have many of my close friends, and am in a pretty good place with regards to handling the outcomes and dealing with situations I can’t change. As corny/cliché/ridiculous as it may sound, I’ve been loving on One Republic’s “Good Life” as of late because it’s freakin’ catchy, it kind of lines up with the approach that I’m taking towards my own recent experiences and it sends a good message (how wholesome of me). I’m SO not that person who thinks that every song that comes on the radio is totally about them and totally describes every emotion they’re feeling and that the artist totally must have been through the same situation. Yeah, totally not so much, but I am not ashamed to admit that I crank that jam any time I hear it, belt it out (behind rolled up windows, obvi) and just let the song marinate with a smile (and my Ray Bans) on my face.

The steeple that I ran this past Saturday went really well by most people’s standards, but I missed my goal by less than a second and a half. To put that into perspective, I was 2/10 of a second off pace each lap, which is a little tough to stomach, but I have to put a positive spin on the situation if I’m going to maintain sanity and that spin is that I was less than 1.5 seconds off an automatic national qualifying time after only 5 weeks of training. I left EVERYTHING I had on the track (I was not seeing straight, weaving a little and my form went to sh*t with about 800m to go because I was so exhausted) and no amount of self pep-talking (also known by many runners as personal negotiations that you may or may not listen to depending on your level of fatigue) towards the end could get those legs moving any quicker. With that, I have to readjust my summer racing schedule, but I can’t and won’t be upset about this—at least not after I stewed for a few days following the race. I’ve got goals to focus on that are far bigger picture than just this summer, so my head’s up, morale’s boosted and my focus is re-centered… When it really matters, I will make it happen.

In the mean time, I couldn’t be happier for those friends of mine who are starting new lives in one form or another because I’m always on board with self-improvement and moving in a forward direction. I extend my love to those who have moved across the state and country, found out they’re having a baby, purchased new houses and Vespas, have dealt with a breakup, have found new jobs, graduated and handled ups and downs with work, athletics and relationships. You’re not always given the opportunities you really want (are you really ever just given them or do you work towards them and they appear as a result of that hard work?) and sometimes it absolutely does take a combination of good timing, talent, luck, support and the stars aligning for some goals to be achieved. Whatever that magical combo is, I don’t think it’s ever worth stopping the search. You never know what good stuff you’ll encounter along the way.

Random uplifting thought/picture:

I was recently asked what my obsession with t-shirts is all about and I remembered that it all started in high school when a friend of mine challenged me to find the most random t-shirt I could, and so we went back and forth for many years with an ever-increasing random quotient.  I still keep an eye out for shirts that are pretty sweet or just make me laugh because I’ve found that having those t-shirts happens to be one of my own simple joys in life.  Do/look at/talk to something/someone that makes you smile each day and I guarantee your quality of life will increase.

This awesome shirt was purchased from the M Den and is part of the O.A.R. (yes, the group!!) collection. Lyrics look familiar, wxc & mxc classes of 2001-2006?


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