“Hold up your hand. I’m from… HERE.”

As of Wednesday, June 1, I am officially based out of Michigan for an undetermined amount of time, not to exceed four months.  I hope the state can handle this jelly.

One who knows me may expect, assume and not be wrong that I was in Ann Arbor within 36 hours of my arrival back in The Mitten, as a girl’s gotta take care of business.  Friday I knocked out a few appointments and then headed to Ferry Field for a steeple workout.  Of course I saw people I knew and could not not talk to them, so I got a bit of a late start to things, but it was alright because I got the work done and even a little quicker than I had planned, all with the wind coming at me for a miraculous 3 out of 4 straightaways/curves.  If you know anything about the Michigan track you know about the Ferry Field Swirl.  It’s so notorious that Erica and I have long since planned to make t—shirts prominently featuring a not-yet-decided design giving a nod to the element I love least.

Side note:  I promise you, WXC members, I will never, ever tell you the real mileage of Granger 2 and Granger 3.  There are some things in life that need not be spoken, and the true mileage of those warm-up loops fall under that category.  Your secret is safe with me.

The afternoon concluded with a quick visit with The Skidmores, a delicious dinner of homemade bison burgers and making a half-hearted attempt at unpacking and putting the 101 lbs of my possessions into their appropriate spots in my room at The Nest.  Struggle.  I have A LOT of stuff.

You may think I did an injustice to both myself and A2 by not taking advantage of the gloriousness that exists within the city’s confines, but know this:  If I don’t make it back and take in each and every thing that I have missed for the past 8/9ish months while in AZ, I am not a true Wolverine.  Yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

The weekend was fantastic and included pedicures with Erica (my toes prominently feature a shimmery navy blue at the moment: OPI Play Til Midnight), a trip to the Dakota Inn in Detroit, which is a bomb replica of a German beer hall (I mean, there was schnitzel, beer, pretzels exploding from the heavens, angry German waitresses and an Edelweiss sing-along.  Outstanding.), a Riverview run this morning in A2, Taste of Ann Arbor, the pleasure of running into old friends at said Taste and, of course, some mild shopping along Main and State.  FYI- Steve and Barry’s has become the world’s most awesome M Den.  They have more sweet gear than you can imagine, including a Ralph Williams, “Yea/Nay” shirt with his face on the front, so many fantastic M football photos (many with Bo), and a never ending stream of “Hail” shirts, over which I swoon.

Oh, Ralph WIlliams. You and your GIGANTIC hands are loved!

I’m happy to be back and hope that this summer yields some great training and even better races.  My season opener is in Indy this coming Saturday (June 11)  at the American Miler’s Club series at the IUPUI Track.  Likely it will be on Runnerspace or Flotrack, so be sure and watch if you’re up that late and want to take in the majesty of the steeple.

Until next time, my friends. .. Keep it classy, Ann Arbor.

PS- Not living full time in MI yields its delightful surprises when you half-store your stuff at your parents’ house and forget what you left behind.  Shown below is a variety of those surprises.  You know you remember and love those t-shirts!

I’m pretty sure almost every single one of my friends had at least one Ashley’s shirt to their name while I worked there…


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  1. joe says:

    Get it done this weekend–leave it out there!

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