I had three jacks and a pair of nines

Per considerable urging from myself and a few others, I feel compelled to post and provide an update of the considerable happenings in my life at the moment.  As for the very immediate, I’m currently jammin to some early OAR; shout-out to freshman year house parties that got me hooked.  As for the rest of things?  Lots has happened in the past few weeks.

You may remember that old adductor injury that knocked me out last summer.  Well, I had about a two month flare-up that didn’t want to settle despite much coddling, smooth-talking, PT, rehab and threats… until about 10 days ago.  Stuff finally seems to be getting back to good, which delights me to no end because that means I get to desperately scramble to try and get back on the horse in a somewhat rushed fashion in order to get some fitness back in time for season opener that may or may not be my only chance to re-qualify for USAs.  Yeah, NBD.

To expedite this get-back-to-fit process, I find myself at 7,000+ feet of altitude in Flagstaff, AZ where the air is thin, the winds are fierce and my bikini goes unused.  The first couple of days, as usual, were basically like breathing through a straw (the best way to consume any given beverage, not O2), but I think I’m slowly starting to acclimate.  I had the pleasure of doing my first workout on Wednesday of last week and thought I was in serious danger of leaving a lung on the trail and, perhaps, dying from the terror of the realization that I have to race over a minute quicker per mile.  It was a harsh reminder of what not being able to work out can do to an athlete’s body when they’re in training limbo, but really, what can you do besides put your head down, gut it out and know that the good will come with the right amount of smart work?

Workout #2 was also a beast, but slightly less so (I think) then long run came around yesterday and I knocked out my first 11 miler in ages and felt brilliant while doing it.  I was able to lock in on the pace, chat up some local Flag runners, and I barely felt winded.  Ballin’!  I get that this is only one step in a series of many- again- but sometimes you really do just need a freaking bone thrown your way and I’ll take that one.

Until the next time, take a deep breath for me and enjoy that oxygen-rich air you have access to.  And enjoy a little photographic evidence of my fabulous training partners and the track we’re using while we’re up here in the clouds.


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I'm a Wolverine transplant in AZ
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