My Favorite Things…

Apologies for the long hiatus, readers, but there were a few things that came up in life that simply could not be ignored.  To really get things back in the right direction, I thought I’d do the first part of a series of some of my favorite things, similar to that of the great, retiring Oprah, but I promise you they will not include $4,000 cashmere sweaters and cruises.  You will also not be receiving these items in the mail simply for reading… Sorry, friends.  And with that, let’s get this party started:

1.) I am relatively new to coffee, so my taste buds aren’t as refined when it comes to the bean  as they are when it comes to tea leaves.  However, I’ve found that using a French Press makes coffee far more delicious than a Keurig or regular old coffee maker, so I got myself the Red Bodum Eileen Coffee Press (8 cups in Coffee-Speak, which translates to 4 8oz cups).  It’s cute to look at, easy to clean and makes a mean travel cup of coffee for me in the AM before I head to the track.

2.) I love me some coziness and tactically appealing fabrics, so when my fabulous sister gave me the Pink Cherry Blossom Bedhead pajamas in sateen, I about flipped.  Andrew has taken to calling them my tea drinking uniform because, really?, just look at them.  They beg to be worn during moments of pure relaxation and demand that you stay indoors catching up on TV/reading trashy websites/online shopping for more PJs.  Whichever you fancy!

3.)I follow a gluten-free diet, so finding bread substitutes can sometimes be a tricky/disgusting endeavor, however, I am madly in love with cornbread and after much searching, trying and spitting out, I discovered Pamela’s Gluten-Free Cornbread & Muffin Mix.  AMAZING!  You can’t tell this is a wheat-free mix because the taste is exceptional and unlike other gluten-free breads, it’s not gummy.  I find myself ordering these mixes on Amazon by the half dozen so that I have enough in the house to keep me with fresh cornbread 24/7.

4.) I have the toes of a monkey and I say that not in an evolutionary sense.  I figure skated for many many years and as my feet were growing, my thick, leather skating boots weren’t letting my toes stretch out, so, as you may imagine, my toes do a funky curl thing.  To help correct this problem, I got myself some Vibram Five Fingers Bikila shoes in a super-cute sky blue/gray combo.  Each toe goes in its own little space while the shoes simulate walking around barefoot, but they give you that extra little layer of protection between you and discarded gum, shards of glass, and motor oil you’ll find while prancing about outside.

5.) For those of you who know me personally, you know that I always have my nails done.  What better way to pull a look together with a fine coat of color on your nails?  My go-to colors are often by OPI because of the durability factor and I’m currently loving on Sapphire in the Snow (purplish-black), Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (charcoal sparkle) and Guy Meets Gal-veston (a thin, soft finish coral).  If you don’t love the polish, you’ve got to love the names!  It’s along the lines of writing greeting cards- I could totally do that and it’d be so much fun!

Friends- I hope you look forward to the next installment of my favorite things, as I genuinely enjoy sharing the love of new products I discover.  Don’t think I’m getting kickbacks for mentioning these products because it really does all come from love and those around me have probably heard me talk these awesome items into the ground. Enjoy!



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