Livin the good life — a mile above the earth

So I’m writing this entry in the air some ___thousand feet above the earth.  How cool is that??  Many thanks to Google for paying for the GoGo inflight Wi-Fi that exists on Delta flights around the holidays because that means I can get some internets-related stuff done whilst in the air.  Boo-ya!

As one may imagine, holiday travel is never snag-free, and as if to prove my point, my travels that were supposed to begin around 12:30 Arizona time today didn’t end up happening until 3:20.  A small delay, you might say, but listen to all that went on:

1.) Delay out of Phoenix for some unknown reason

2.) Delay from PHX will cause Andrew and I to miss our connector in Memphis to get back to Detroit

3.) Chat with incredibly cheery/friendly gate agent at the check-in counter, offer her a homemade peppermint patty to lift her spirits even higher (she accepts and delights in my own holiday spirit of gourmet baking and sharing) and push her to get us a first-class upgrade on whatever flight we end up on.  (We were supposed to be upgraded on the flight to Memphis and Detroit)

4.) Get re-booked on a later flight to Detroit, which does not involve a layover anywhere (let’ s hear it for direct flights!) and gets in a smidge earlier than that of the flight that we would have been on with the connection in Memphis.  Woot!

5.) Proceed through security, talk with a gate agent and get confirmation for fancy pants upgrade for our flight.  Big ups to Andrew here for securing Silver Elite status with Delta this past year, which allows companions to also check up to 3 bags free and get the fancy pants upgrade.

6.) Board the plane, and are greeted cheerfully by a sassy flight attendant who promptly fulfills my request of a rum and Coke prior to take-off.  LOVE!

7.) Realize there’s free Wi-Fi in air, have trouble connecting, give up, enjoy an airline’s version of Chicken Parmesan and polenta then try connecting again– success!!

That brings us to the present where I am relishing the gloriousness that is first class air travel and three (soon to be four) cocktails on Delta.  After my many years of dedication to this airline, I am pleased that my second experience in first-class is treating me so damn well and I am actually- wait for it- ENJOYING my flight.

So, in conclusion, I am thrilled to wish all of my readers (thanks for looking me up!) a very happy holiday and a killer new year!  In return, please wish me luck in sub freezing temps and 6 inches of snow that await me in Detroit!



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I'm a Wolverine transplant in AZ
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