Holy holiday explosion!

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, the holiday season keeps getting pushed up little by little (and sometimes lots by lots) each year so that we’re now seeing Christmas merchandise on the shelves as early as August and hearing “All Christmas, All the Time” on radio stations some time around Halloween.  I feel for the employees that get forced into tuning in to that station while at work.  I really do.  Point being, we’re never going to see the age of holiday festivities and spirit limited by the actual holiday season ever again, unless there’s some dawn of a new era and someone heists the holidays and threatens bodily harm to those celebrating/hawking the holiday goods just a touch too early (I’m talking to you, big box stores), so we best embrace it or ignore it– whichever one suits you best.

Along those lines, I have found myself inadvertently ignoring all of the holiday ruckus and hullabaloo until my internal clock deems it time to get my festive on… and that happened to be about two days before Thanksgiving– perfect timing!  Andrew and I put up our tree, which also happens to be dominated by ornaments in the striking color combo of maize and blue (how in the world did that happen, I wonder), strung up some lights on the balcony and hung a mildly obnoxious silver jingle bell wreath festooned with a giant red bow.  Bring on Christmas, I say!

I was in cold and non-inviting Virginia Beach last week (I know your heart ached in my absence) for the USATF Annual Meeting and the convention center where we held most of our sessions was fully decorated for Christmas in shades of blue and silver, which I found visually appealing, and then my eyes met what was surely one of the longest stretches ever to create a holiday creature: A dolphin statue wearing a Santa hat and scarf of blue tinsel garland.  Apparently the dolphin is part of the convention center’s logo as a nod to its environmental friendliness, it being a green building and all, so I get where the decorations were coming from, but come on.  Really?  Flipper Santa?  Me thinks not.  Either way, my Christmas spirit was flying high and soared a bit more when a light dusting of snow fell as we gathered to head back to the hotel.  Best part about this?  Lisa’s native Arizonian response: “What’s all this white crap coming out of the sky?”

If that comment’s not brimming with Holiday Cheer, I don’t know what is.  In the mean time, for those of you to whom it applies, I hope y’all had a great Hanukkah.  I plan on continuing a holiday/religion neutral campaign by enjoying part (all?) of a pumpkin pie four times the size of my head.  Thank you, Costco, who has been making festive treats and selling oversized light displays since July.


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1 Response to Holy holiday explosion!

  1. T says:

    This breaks my heart. Really, how have you forgotten our Greatest Christmas Find EVER? It was at Sears, but still. Even Ramon the Artisté admired the Christmas dolphin.

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