AZ November = Limited pool splashing, but open-toed footwear always

Today is what I would characterize as a chilly day in Scottsdale: 61 degrees.  Yes, I’m aware that it’s late November and most of the country is wrapped up in cashmere and fleece, and yes, I’m also aware that I shouldn’t be complaining, so I won’t.

People, it’s all relative and lest you’ve forgotten, I’m a native Michigander and know what ice, snow and cold really is (though I know some Canadians would likely still remind me that no, I don’t really know what COLD is until I’ve lived in Northern Ontario.  Whatever.).  I hopped on Facebook this morning and read updates of first snowfalls in parts of Oregon and plenty of chills from the Midwest and all I can really do is think, “I moved away from there for a reason.” I have to say, there’s nothing like Thanksgiving sans pants… um, let me re-phrase that.  There’s nothing like Thanksgiving that doesn’t require a base layer, decorative top, cardigan, tights, skirt and, perhaps, gloves.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving ’10 will be the first holiday for me that will not be spent at the Parker estate in Michigan, as I only came back to AZ a month ago and I’m really getting into my base training following my long-term injury lay-off, and traveling really disrupts all of that good rhythm-y stuff I work hard to establish.  Lisa has invited Andrew and I to join her and her family for Thanksgiving dinner, but I’m fairly certain there’s a stipulation of running a 10 mile race in the morning in order to take part in the delicious bounty that her family will have prepared.  Considering we only have one hard workout, I think I might just do it and then feel free to gorge myself on all sorts of holiday treats immediately afterward.  That is what the holidays are all about, right?

I send my love to the fam as they prepare far too much food, ride around on a tractor at a Christmas tree farm only to select a pre-cut tree from the front, and enjoy libations of the Dan Original variety.  Tracey- watch the wine consumption and might I recommend you hide the good stuff so it doesn’t get, uh, “misplaced” 😉

Allow me to leave you with a gratuitous Fall Michigan Beauty photo…

This tangible display of why I love Fall in Michigan was taken through my sun roof on the way to a U-M football game. Does it get any better than that?


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