Frozen Yogurt & Flight Patterns

Today was officially full workout #1 back from the old pulled groin and was it ever a harsh reminder of what 5 months of what I like to sardonically refer to as “vacation time” will do to an athlete’s body.  Let me throw out a few visuals:

Beautiful, sunny, yet windy, day along the Tempe Town “Lake.” (I grew up in Michigan people– hello, home of the Great Lakes– so a 1.5 mile long, 200 meter wide body of water held together by inflatable dams that burst this past spring does not a lake make.)

Warm-up with Andrew commences and we work into the second half that includes 10 minutes of steady state, somewhere in the neighborhood of 6:20 pace.

OK, I’m not completely winded from that endeavor.  Bring on the hill circuit I love to loathe.

20 minutes of sprinting up a hill that’s about 40 seconds in length, tempo-ing the remainder of the roughly half mile circuit, then, as the word circuit may suggest, starting again without so much as a dab the brow or “Hey!  Take 30 seconds rest here” break.  Not that I truly needed it, but, ya know… it would have been nice.

I take a seat (collapse in a heap) on a half brick wall, fully aware of the beet-like color of my face, desperately trying to catch my breath.  Lament not pulling my hair back tighter, as this hot mess of a mane is not pretty.

While this workout may not sound too hard (it is Fall and our first week of our new training cycle so it obviously won’t be the hardest of workouts), let me assure you it was nothing short of a stern reminder that while I needed to start somewhere, I have a long way to go.

After feeling like hell (jiggly hell, at that) and taking a brief post-workout breather, I parted ways with Andrew, who had a golf man date, and took to a nice, slow cool down along the “lake.”  I’d like to say that I thought about how I could become a better runner or how this workout was only the beginning, but I was more preoccupied with the flight patterns that all the planes overhead were following and how frozen yogurt sounded super delicious at that moment.

It wasn’t until I got home that I thought about becoming a better runner and how it’s going to take a lot of effort and hard work that I can’t be afraid of.  A friend of mine told me, “Just make sure that every day you’re doing at least one thing that will make you a better runner and you’ll meet the rewards down the road.”  Inspiring, yes.  Realistic, yes.  An active contribution to immediately bettering my current un-fit state, not entirely.  But each day is an opportunity for everyone to try to be better than the day before, and though it may pose one heck of a challenge, I’m totally down with trying.


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