How high are your Vitamin D levels?

So, apparently I’m now part of the blogging world after considerable urging by several friends and much debating by yours truly.  I think the biggest issue for me was how to focus my posts, as in, I enjoy many things, one of the biggest being running, but not everyone is interested in all running all the time — including me.  I am a well-rounded person aside from my training & racing and would like to share those interests/thoughts/feelings with those whom I consider myself lucky enough to have as readers.  Sound fair?

After that, I feel like I owe the internets a little intro as to who am I and why you might find my random spoutings of interest.

My name is Andrea Parker and I am a professional runner who relocated to Scottsdale, AZ last year after many somewhat uninterrupted years in Ann Arbor, MI (Go Blue!).  I needed to change things up and rededicate myself to my sport if I truly wanted to make a name for myself on the US running scene, so I moved to a land where they don’t know of water coming from anywhere but a faucet and clouds are seen as foreign objects.

SIDENOTE: It’s kind of amazing to be able to predict the weather for 363 of the 365 days in a year and the forecasts basically all call for short sleeved shirts, sunglasses and at least SPF 45.  Come on, we all know that numerical temperatures mean nothing and clothing descriptions are how we gauge the weather.

I’ve meshed with a great coach/physio, Wynn, and several training partners, including the lovely Lisa.

I’m coming back from a pretty serious injury, osteitis pubis (Basically I pulled my groin so badly that it inflamed the bone in the area to which it attaches.  I see you cringing and I certainly did my fair share of that this summer.), but have been extremely cautious and am looking forward to some strong base training in the coming months… and a killer sports bra tan.  Also, it looks like I’ll be starting a little part-time jobby job at a tea store here in AZ and I can already tell you that there will be plenty of stories from there…

That’s a snippet of my current situation and if you’re interested, come back to check up on the latest happenings in my life, as they are likely to amuse, delight and horrify.  As I said, this isn’t a running 24/7 blog, so I hope that you’ll enjoy reading my musings and adventures.  Until the next update…


About parkersplash

I'm a Wolverine transplant in AZ
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2 Responses to How high are your Vitamin D levels?

  1. Love the header pic!! Are you eating the mountain in the water?

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